John Kaag

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

University of Massachusetts, Lowell

102 Olney Hall

Office Hours: Tuesday 9-12 and Wednesday 8-10


Syllabus for Introduction to Philosophy

                                                   Syllabus for American Philosophy


Full Text (PDF) of Selected Publications:

"Continuity and Inheritance: Kant's Critique of Judgment and the Philosophy of C.S Peirce (2005)

"Paddling in the Stream of Consciousness" (2006)

"Women and Forgotten Movements in American Philosophy" (2007)

"We are Who?  A Pragmatic Reframing of Immigration and National Identity" (2007)

"The Neurological Dynamics of the Imagination" (2008)

"American Interpretations of Hegel" (2008)

"Chance and Creativity: The Nature of Contingency in Classical American Philosophy (2008)"