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36-493 Directed Studies 

Directed Studies (36-493) is a course which allows students to work independently on approved projects under the direction of an instructor.  A minimum of 45 semester hours must be devoted to the project in order to receive 3 semester credits. For lab based projects, since this is a 3 credit course, the student should have 9 hours in the lab/ week.


1. Students desiring a directed study must first contact the instructor and discuss their research interest.

2. A form summarizing the nature of a project must be signed by the instructor and student with a copy for the student.       The faculty member should keep this form on file.

3. At the completion of the project, the student must submit a typewritten report, summarizing the project.

4. Failure to submit a summary report and grade prior to the end of the examination period will result in an     administrative I/F filed by the instructor.