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Arkansas Alkaline Province, USA - petrology and geochemistry of carbonatites and associated alkaline silicate rocks Argentina, Paleozoic granitoids - geology, petrology, and geochemistry of Paleozoic granitoids. La Rioja, Catamarca, and Cordoba provinces A-type granites - geology, petrology, geochemistry, classification
Cameroon Volcanic Line, Cameroon  - petrology and geochemistry of alkaline volcanics Carbonatites - petrology, geochemistry, isotope geology, and geochronology of carbonatites Chemistry of atmospheric aerosols - chemistry of atmospheric aerosols deposited onto Massachusetts Bays
Chilwa alkaline province, Malawi - geochemistry and geochronology of alkaline intrusions Cortlandt-Beemerville magmatic belt, NJ & NY, USA - geology, petrology, geochronology, geochemistry Fluorine and chlorine in alkaline magmas as monitored by the chemistry of micas, amphiboles, and apatites
Kola Peninsula, Russia - geology, geochemistry, geochronology, isotope geology and petrogenesis of Late Archaean A-type granitoids New Zealand - coal, Lyttleton volcano, Torlesse terrane, West Coast granitoids - geology, petrology, and geochemistry Monteregian Hills, Quebec, Canada - geology, geochemistry, and geochronology
New Brunswick, Canada - geochemistry of volcanic and plutonic sequences North Nyasa Alkaline Province, Malawi - geochemistry and geochronology Southwest Uganda - petrogenesis of ultrapotassic lavas, carbonatites, and mantle xenoliths
Trinitite - mineralogy and geochemistry of the glasses produced during the testing of the first atomic bomb, Alamagordo, NM White Mountain magma series, New England, USA - geology, geochemistry, and geochronology  


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