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Geoarchaeological traverse, MA

Field trip photos

Wall, S., Eby, G. N., and Winter, E. (2004) Geoarchaeological traverse: soapstone, bog iron and clay in Andover, Middleton, Danvers, and Saugus, Massachusetts. In Hanson, L. (ed.) Guidebook to Field Trips from Boston, MA to Saco Bay, ME. New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference, Salem, MA, pp. 257-276. One day field trip encompassing native American and historical sites. Includes Native American and historical workings of soapstone, historical clay utilization, and historical production of iron at Saugus, MA.
Monteregian Hills
Mont Royal

Eby, N. (2015) Geology and Petrology of the Mont Royal Pluton. In, Franzi, David (ed.) Field Guidebook for the 87th Annual Meeting of the New York State Geological Association, SUNY Plattsburgh, September 12 and 13, 2015, p. 265-282.

A one day field trip to Mont Royal and a diatreme breccia pipe on Ile Bizard. Includes photomicrographs of the major lithologies, mineral and rock chemistry, and geochronological data.
Oka, Mont Royal, Mont St. Hilaire

Field trip photos

Lentz, D., Eby, N., Park, A., and Lavoie, S. (2006) Diatremes, dykes, and diapirs: Revisiting ultra-alkaline to carbonatitic magmatism of the Monteregian Hills. Geological Association of Canada - Mineralogical Association of Canada, Joint Annual Meeting, Montreal 2006, Field Trip B4 Guidebook, 49 p. A two and one-half day trip to Oka, Mont Royal, and Mont St. Hilaire, and various diatremes and dikes in the Oka area. Includes an overview of the Monteregian Hills province, descriptions of the intrusions, and new fission-track ages for the Oka carbonatite and the Ile Bizard alnoite.

Johnson & St. Hilaire

Eby, G. N. (1988) Geology and petrology of Mounts Johnson & St.-Hilaire, Monteregian Hills petrographic province. In Olmsted, J. F. (ed.) Field Trip Guidebook, 60th Annual Meeting, New York State Geological Association, pp. 29-43.

A one day field trip to Monts Johnson and St.-Hilaire. Includes a brief description of the geology and geochemistry of the Monteregian Hills petrographic province and mineralogic and petrographic descriptions of the two plutons.

Oka carbonatite

Gold, D. P., Eby, G. N., Bell, K., and Vallee, M. (1986). Carbonatites, diatremes, and ultra-alkaline rocks in the Oka area, Quebec. Geological Association of Canada, Mineralogical Association of Canada, Canadian Geophysical Union, Joint Annual Meeting, Ottawa '86, Field Trip 21: Guidebook, 51 p.

A two day field trip focused on the carbonatites (Oka and St. Andre) and alkaline dikes and intrusions at the western end of the Monteregian Hills. Includes chemical data and fission- track ages.

White Mountain


Field trip photos

Eby, G. N. and Kennedy, B. (2004) The Ossipee ring complex, New Hampshire. In Hanson, L. (ed.) Guidebook to Field Trips from Boston, MA to Saco Bay, ME. New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference, Salem, MA, pp. 61-72. One day field trip for the Ossipee, New Hampshire ring-dike complex. Includes both petrographic descriptions and mineral chemistry.


Eby, G. N. (1999) Ossipee field trip guide, New Hampshire Geological Society. 9 p.

One day field trip for the Ossipee, New Hampshire, ring-dike complex. Includes a detailed description of the geology and petrography of the complex.


Eby, G. N. and McHone, J. G. (1997) Plutonic and hypabyssal intrusions of the Early Cretaceous Cuttingsville Complex, Vermont. In Grover, T. W., Mango, H. N. and Hasenohr, E. J. (eds.) Guidebook to Field Trips in Vermont and Adjacent New Hampshire and New York. New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference, Castleton, VT, pp. B2-1-B2-17.

One day field trip for the Cuttingsville, Vermont, alkaline complex and associated mafic and felsic dikes. Extensive geological, mineralogical and petrographic information. Mineral and rock chemistry.

Ossipee & Pawtuckaway

Eby, G. N. (1995) White Mountain magma series. Third Hutton Symposium on Granites and Related Rocks, Pre-Conference Field Trip Guide, Part 1, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA, 27 p.

A three day field trip, part of a larger 6 day trip, for the Hutton conference in 1995. Day 1 is a transect through the eastern part of the White Mountain batholith, New Hampshire. Day 2 is the Ossipee ring-dike complex. Day 3 is the Pawtuckaway ring-dike complex. Includes geologic and petrographic descriptions.

White Mountain Batholith

Creasy, J. W. and Eby, G. N. (1993) Ring dikes and plutons: A deeper view of calderas as illustrated by the White Mountain igneous province, New Hampshire. In Cheney, J. T. and Hepburn, J. C. (eds.) Field Trip Guidebook for the Northeastern United States: 1993 Boston GSA, Vol. 1. Contribution No. 67, Department of Geology and Geography, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, pp. N1-N25.

A three day field trip in the White Mountains, New Hamphsire. Day 1 and 2 are in the eastern half of the White Mountain batholith. Day 3 is the Mount Pawtuckaway ring-dike complex. Includes extensive geologic, mineralogic, petrographic descriptions.


Eby, G. N. (1984) Mount Pawtuckaway ring-dike complex. In Hanson, L. S. (ed.) Geology of the Coastal Lowlands, Boston, MA to Kennebunk, ME. New England.

A one day field trip emphasizing the geology and petrography of the complex.

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