Our mission is to understand the interaction of light with complex photonic and plasmonic structures, and utilize the developed understanding to design better optical materials and devices.

In the area of light interaction with metallic nanostructures, also known as plasmonics, we work towards higher confinement and smaller losses in optical structures. Our recent achievements include the developmet of plasmonic circuits with no parasitic out-of-plane scattering and loss-compensation in active plasmonic systems.

In the area of metamaterials, composite structures with tailored optical response, our group works towards an ambitious goal of bringing to life new types of electromagnetic systems that would be capable of beating free-space diffraction, achieving better resolution, sensitivity, and optical processing speed that any device that currently exists on the market.

New approach to nonlinear optics
second harmonic generation

Structural nonlinearity proposed by our team and experimentally realized by King's College London ehables new avenue to engineer strong nonlinear response in composites

Imaging Without Lenses realized
imaging concept

New technique, capable of far field spectroscopy with subwavelength spatial resolution has been developed

Structured interfaces enable optical transparency and electrical conductivity
Optical nonlocality enhances density of states in metamaterials
molecule inside wires

The new publication in Light: science and applications demonstrates drastic enhancement of optical density of states inside nonlocal nanowire metamaterials and presents theoretical description of this process