Jim Propp-Gubin's Rounds

I've gotten into the habit of writing rounds, and I'll be posting them here on the web. I'd rather have minor fame than minor fortune, so feel free to distribute these rounds, subject to two conditions: first, please keep my name attached to these rounds, and second, if you actually obtain any profit from them (for instance, if you perform them in a concert that people actually pay to see), please send me whatever portion of the profit seems fair to you.

According to my wife, my two kids, and various rounds-singing friends, the best of the bunch is "Dmm Wacka", available in Postscript or PDF format.

So far I've only gotten around to scanning and posting four of the dozen or so rounds I've written since 2000 (aside from "Dmm Wacka"):

Once We Start Singin'
Only One Step
Poor Lucille Ball

Sorry about the quality of the images. At some point I'll post higher-quality images, and post some of my other rounds, including "Alberti", "Annoying Round", "Baking Soda", "Drumming It", "Dun Dun", "Earthlings", "Gypsy Bells", "Hippocrates", "Lessons of the Moon", "Row, Row, Row", and "You Called Me" (aka "Phone Tag Rounds" or "Answering Machine Round"). Obviously I haven't gotten around to it yet, though. Feel free to ever-so-nicely hassle me about the state of this site (and its content) by sending email to propp at jamespropp dot org.

The software I used for typesetting music is Lime.