Jim Propp-Gubin's Rounds

The habit of writing rounds crept up on me gradually, starting in the 1990s. I'd rather have minor fame than minor fortune, so feel free to distribute these rounds, subject to two conditions: first, please keep my name attached to these rounds, and second, if you actually obtain any profit from them (for instance, if you perform them in a concert that people actually pay to see), please send me whatever portion of the profit seems fair to you.

Here are about half of the three dozen or so rounds I've written:

All the Things (inspired by Kol Nidre)
Alligator Advisory (a sequel to a famous round about an ill-treated pet alligator variously called Albert, Alfred, or Alvin)
Baking Soda
Calvin and Hobbes
The Choice (based on a quote by E. B. White)
Closeness (about singing together via short-range radio in the pandemic)
Didgeridoo (if the words sound a little bit jumbled and jivey...)
Dmm Wacka (sort of a duet for tuba and kazoo)
Ewe Rhythm Round (based on music of the Ewe people)
Prayer to the Sky Master (a mashup of "Avinu Malkeinu" and "Luck Be A Lady Tonight")
Reboxing Round
Rounds Are Easy (dedicated to the proposition that there's nothing so easy that bad teaching can't make it seem hard)
Song for the Time-Traveling Soul (a mashup of a niggun by Debbie Friedman and the Doctor Who theme)
Touch the Challah (I'll rewrite it as a waltz to make it easier, someday)
Trouble (inspired by a frequently misattributed quote)

The software I used for typesetting music is Lime.