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    This is my private site for materials pertaining to REACH (Research Experiences in Algebraic Combinatorics at Harvard).  As the fall 2002 semester progresses, files and links relevant to my work will appear here.  Any files I post are not necessarily documented, so if you are interested in knowing more about (or working on) my projects, email me at  If you are a REACH participant, you can email my FAS address (the username is gcarroll).


Essential Mathematica code for the dugong project { nb }
Flattened dugongs through order 5, encoded as polynomials { pdf }

Sample Mathematica code for heuristically determining Laurentness { nb }

The extra-edges rendition of Somos-4 graphs, fit to a square lattice { txt }
An example of the Kuo condensation labeling for Somos-4 graphs (a slightly earlier drawing) { txt }

Mathematica package for drawing and manipulating groves { file }
Package for manipulating graphs { file }
Package for studying local moves between groves (requires the previous two packages) { file }
Note: The foregoing code is now being maintained by Gregory Price, so email him (FAS username: gprice) for potentially more recent versions.
Sample runs of some of the above code { nb }
Earlier Mathematica code for graphical presentation of cube-recurrence monomials { nb }

The cube-recurrence article { tex | dvi | pdf | ps }
Semiformal write-up of grove shuffling and proof that cube polynomials count groves (for standard initial conditions) { txt }
Old version of grove write-up { txt }

Draft of the Ptolemy recurrence article { tex | dvi | pdf | ps }

Front of the REACH 2003 T-shirt { gif }
Back of the REACH 2003 T-shirt { gif }

Musings about graph-indexed recurrences { txt }

Musings about Markov snakes, the Ptolemy recurrence, and Farey fractions { txt }

My log of hours, fall 2002 / spring 2003 { txt }


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