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Principles of Environmental Geochemistry



Eby, G. N. (2004) Principles of Environmental Geochemistry. Brooks/Cole, 514 p.

A review copy can be obtained from Brooks/Cole.

The solution manual, copies of the Excel spreadsheets used to solve the problems, and PowerPoint files containing all the text tables and figures are available from the publisher for instructors who adopt the textbook.

     Errata for First Edition, First Printing, as a pdf file. Download.


Color versions of tables and figures as Power Point files

          Chapter 1. Basic Principles
          Chapter 2. Thermodynamics and Kinetics
          Chapter 3. Acid-Base Equilibria
          Chapter 4. Oxidation-Reduction Reactions
          Chapter 5. Carbon Chemistry
          Chapter 6. Isotopes
          Chapter 7. Environmental Mineralogy
          Chapter 8. The Atmospheric Environment
          Chapter 9. The Continental Environment
          Chapter 10. The Marine Environment


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