Chemistry 2 - Course # 84.122

Sections 202, 223, 227
Sections 202, 223, 227


Dr. Richard Karpeles

Chemistry Department/College of Arts & Sciences

Olney 502A

Telephone: 978-934-3659


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·         University of Massachusetts Lowell –Full Time Lecturer, 2011

o    Teaching 2nd semester Freshman Chemistry lecture

·         University of Massachusetts Lowell – Adjunct Professor, 2010

o    Taught 1st and 2nd semester Freshman Chemistry lectures and labs

·         University of New Haven - Adjunct Professor, Spring 2007

o    Taught two organic chemistry labs

·         Western CT State University - Adjunct Professor, Fall 2006

o    Taught two freshman chemistry labs

·         University of Southern California - Graduate Teaching Assistant, Fall 1977 – Fall 1978

o    Freshman Chemistry and Advanced Organic Chemistry

o    Won outstanding teaching award   

Industrial Background

Cabot Corporation, Billerica, MA                                            2007 to 2009                 

 Product Line Director, Fumed Metal Oxides

Responsible for transitioning New Business Development projects from development to production.  


§ Identified and qualified a toll manufacturer to save over $14/kg  on 30MT of new product.

§ Developed a transition plan requiring minimal capital investment, to bring a new product in house using an under-utilized plant, saving $10/kg on 140MT of product

§ Created Technology Transfer Packages for 3 products, moving them to commercial production

§ Led Plant Technical Managers Forum to highlight best-of-best practices between facilities and execute a product grade transparency program to insure worldwide equivalence of Cabot silicas

§ Responsible for the coordination of the Fumed Metal Oxides business PSM program


Mica Corporation, Shelton CT                                                   2007 to 2007                 

 Technical Director, Water based coatings technologies for flexible packaging

Responsible for Customer Service, Experimental Production, and R&D of waterborne coatings


Eaton Corporation Innovation Center, Southfield, MI   2005 to 2006                 


Manager, Materials, Fluid and Chemical Technologies

Hired to (1) create a Fluid & Chemical Technologies section to augment central research capabilities and (2) to manage the Materials Corporate Research Group with a staff of 14 and a budget of $2+M. Fields of concentration: material science, metallurgy, surface modification, nanocoatings, carbon friction surfaces, tribology, fluid chemistries, hydraulics, fuel cell technology, diesel exhaust emissions control, plastics, composites and rubber technology. 


§ Created 2006-7 Fluid & Chemical Technologies strategy targeting over 20% growth per year in manpower and budget. Program funding eliminated due to automotive industry downturn

§ Drafted & submitted 4 government proposals (Air Force,  Army, Ohio 3rd Frontier and DOE)

>  Won 2 proposals, increasing the group budget 10% in 2006 and 50% in 2007

*  DOE proposal to develop new low coefficient of friction nanocoatings ($1M/yr for 3 yrs)

*  Ohio 3rd Frontier proposal for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Development ($50K)

§ Led team to solve automotive part fitness-for-use issue, which had shut down customer’s production line startup, thus avoiding greater than $20M in warrantee claims

§ Established formal process for documenting non-recordable and near-miss safety incidents to establish predictive safety statistics


Crompton Corporation, Middlebury, CT                            1985 to 2004


Technology Director, Performance Chemicals & Polymers Division

Management of the Chemicals & Polymers Division’s Process and Product Research & Development Groups, the Polymer Testing Laboratory, the Catalysis & High Pressure Laboratory, and the Polymerization Pilot Plant.  Staff of 22, budget of $4.6MM 

־   Member of the R&D Technical Board, responsible for creating research strategy, Technical Board Liaison to the Research Associate’s Organization, Chairman, Technology Safety Council

־   Technology Advisor for the Chemicals and Polymers Business Boards

־   Project Leader, JDA programs with major chemical companies and academic institutions

־   Chairman, Tech. Operating Committee, International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers


§ Re-engineered technology group & implemented staffing plan within three months

§ Developed Sales & Operational Planning system; integrated with R&D programs

§ Carried out detailed mass balances for Rubber Chemicals processes, enabling factory 2004 Title V permit renewal and insuring uninterrupted plant operation

§ Drafted CHP & Hazardous Waste & Emergency Response Plans for Naugatuck Research Center

§ Constructed new high pressure chemistry facility for improved productivity and safety – 2004

§ Created product line for thermoplastics (2004 sales 4.3MM lbs. with 40% growth rate)

§ Increased plant throughput by 7MM lbs. in 2004

§ Provided assistance to a licensee, whose plant was shut down due to fire, resulting in zero customer issues (Product and Customer Service Excellence Award)

§ Created best-in-class roofing products, gained 12MM lbs. new business (Quality Award – 1996)

§ Developed IP position for metallocene polymerization catalysts (Awarded 4 patents)

§ Developed new process for Viscosity Index Improvers (Crompton Technical Award – 1995)

§ New product development: wire and cable products (annual sales 8MM lbs.), bloom resistant weather seal product line (annual sales 45MM lbs.), lubricant additive products (14MM lbs. annual sales) (Technical Awards – 1995 & 1996; Quality Award 1998)

§ Developed RoyalEdge® process and product line (annual sales 2MM lbs.)

§ Commercialized additive used for 50% of polymer product line (Tech Award – 1993)

§ Created raw material consolidation plan for key customer and reduced their inventory 66%

§ Achieved full utilization of a new 80MM pound plant in two years via new product development

§ Constructed new pilot unit & labs for improved safety (Safety Award – 1991)

Mobil R&D Corporation; Paulsboro NJ                                   1982 to 1985                                

Research Chemist Exploratory Process Research Group


§ Ph.D. Chemistry under Nobel Lauriat, Prof. George A. Olah; University of Southern California

§ B.S. Chemistry, Research Advisor: Prof. Ed Rosenberg; California State University, Northridge


ACS (Rubber, Inorganic, Organic Divisions), ChemPharma , IISRP, SAE, Societe de Chemie

Publications, Presentations and Patents                                

·       US 6,225,426 - Process for producing elastomer employing metallocene catalyst, May 2001

·       US 6,147,025 - Catalyst composition & process for activating pro-catalyst, November 2000

·       R. Karpeles, et al; Chapter 35 “EPDM Rubber Technology”, Handbook of Elastomers-Second Edition, A.K. Bhomick and H.L. Stephens (editors); Marcel Dekker, NY, November 2000

·       US 6,136,744 - Process for producing elastomer with metallocene catalyst, October 2000

·       US 6,060,572 - Process for producing elastomer employing metallocene catalyst, May 2000

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·      R. Karpeles,  G.A. Olah, et al; “Synthetic Methods and Reactions.101. Reduction of Sulfonic Acids and Sulfonyl Derivatives to Disulfides with Iodide in the Presence of Boron Halides.”, JOC, 46, 2408, 1981

·       R. Karpeles, E. Rosenberg,  et al; “The Synthesis, Reactivity, and Structure of  Functionally Substituted Trimetallic Clusters of Ruthenium.”, J. Organometallic Chem., 187, 81-90, 1980

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