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(Updated: 8/20/2012)


Calculus 1B 2011/2012

Note: If you are interested in Calculus 1A go to: Calculus 1A

Textbook: University Calculus, by Hass, Weir, and Thomas / Pearson  2010. The publisher is producing a special version of this book, just for UMASS Lowell, which includes Chapters 1-3 of a precalculus text by Dugopolski. Be sure to purchase this version of the text.

Calculus 1B Syllabus   

Schedule for Fall 2012 


The Calculus 1A/1B Survival Guide contains extremely valuable information that can make the difference

between you passing or failing this course. Read it as if your life in this calculus course depends upon it.

Having completed Calculus 1A, your basic algebra skills should be pretty sharp. If you have any doubts

or known weaknesses, print out and study this Basic Algebra Guide. After you attempt the problems

in this handout, you can check your solutions here: Solutions.

The initial focus in Calculus 1B is to review inverse functions (inverse trigonometric functions and logarithmic

functions) and explore their derivatives. If you find logarithms confusing, you might find this

Introduction to Logarithms useful. A brief summary of the process of determining the

derivatives of inverse functions is provided here: Derivatives of Inverse Functions.

Students often ask, "What should I memorize?" Here is some guidance for those

taking Calculus 1B: Guide to Memorization in Calculus 1B


Course Coordinator/Instructor: Dr. Charles Ormsby  

 E-mail Coordinator
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Olney Room 428-D

Office Telephone: 978 934 2431





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