Although engineers are often "hacks" when it comes to programming, we need to get out of own insecurity and start sharing tools and code to keep others from always repeating the same work we have done. To that end, we as a group will do our best to make code readable and share it with the community. Check out some of our projects here:

Tensile Data Analyzer

This was my first coding project that I undertook as a Master's student, and was a really great entry into the world of coding for me! It is written in C#, and it just takes in data from multiple tensile tests and allows you to zero the data, average multiple channels, average multiple data, create group averages, fit curves, and track variabillity. Even though there are a lot of ways it could be simplified and improed, I find it pretty useful and end up coming back to it every now-and-then, so I thought maybe others might find it useful and even add their own bells and whistles.

Analyzing Tensile data