Science Slam

I "volunteered" to take part in the Science Slam during the Young Investigator's Conference in Aachen Germany. It was a blast, and I tried to share the little wisdom I had from my days as a PhD student:) Enjoy!

American Society of Composites Technical Conference, 2020

With the switch to virtual conferences, here is my first talk about some microstructure work we have going on

AIAA SciTech 2021

This talk outlines progress made for developing functionally graded adhesives.

World Conference on Computational Mechanics (WCCM)

This talk introduces my little "pet-model" that uses a connected network to model the transverse behavior of fiber reinforced composites at the micro scale.

Intro to Multi-Scale in the Stapleton Research Group

This was a little talk I gave for the Kennedy College of Sciences "Conversation Starter" event at UML.

American Society of Composites, 2023

This talk was an overview of our work with entanglement, going from the microstructure to composite properties.