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Oslo Rift, Norway 2008 Eurogranite (IGCP-510) four day field trip looking at the basement rocks and various intrusive sequences of the central and southern parts of the Oslo Rift, Norway.
Rapakivi Granites, Finland 2007 two day field trip looking at the Mid-Proterozoic rapakivi granite association of the Fennoscandian Shield, Finland.
AEG Teachers' Workshop 2006 one day teachers' workshop held in Boston in December. The morning session was devoted to Forensic Geology. The afternoon session was a field trip to geologically interesting outcrops in the Boston Basin.
IGCP-510 - Brazil 2006 IGCP-510 six day field trip to the Archean and Paleoproterozoic granitoids of the Carajás Metallogenic Province, eastern Amazonian Craton, Brazil.
Monteregian Hills, Canada 2006 GAC-MAC 2 1/2 day field trip to the western intrusions of the Monteregian Hills alkaline province.
Jack Hills, Australia 2005 field trip to the Jack Hills of Western Australia site of the oldest dated material on earth - 4,404 Myr old zircon.
Paleozoic Granitoids, Argentina 2005 field work on Paleozoic granitoids in western Argentina. La Rioja, Catamarca, and Cordoba provinces. See Research Pages for details regarding the research program.
GANJ 2004 Geological Association of New Jersey one-day field trip that looked at the Palisades Sill, Cortlandt complex (at the Stony Point Battlefield), and Late Neoproterozoic diabase dike.

Geoarchaeological traverse, MA

2004 NEIGC field trip encompassing native American and historical sites. Includes Native American and historical workings of soapstone, historical clay utilization, and historical production of iron at Saugus, MA.


2004 NEIGC Ossipee, New Hampshire, ring-dike complex field trip.

Neapolitan Active Volcanoes

2004 IGC 3 day field trip to the volcanic provinces around Naples, Italy.

Butte, Montana, Super Fund Site

2004 Geology and Human Health NSF workshop one-day trip to the Butte, Montana, Super Fund site and surrounding area.

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