Tibor Beke

Department of Mathematics
University of Massachusetts, Lowell
One University Ave
Lowell, MA 01854
tel: (978) 934-2445
fax: (978) 934-3053

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Research interests: topos theory, esp. its applications to model theory; algebraic topology


Charles University Algebra Seminar, Prague, 2016

University of Washington Algebra Seminar, Seattle, 2015

Logic Colloquium Helsinki, 2015

An undergraduate talk on the vector-valued intermediate value theorem and the Brouwer fixed point theorem:
Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Budapest, 2013

New Directions in the Model Theory of Fields Durham, 2009


Morphisms of context-free grammars
  to appear in the Kornai Festschrift

Elementary equivalences and accessible functors (with J. Rosicky)
  submitted to the Annals of Pure and Applied Logic

The Grothendieck ring of varieties and of the theory of algebraically closed fields
  to appear in the Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra


Cellular objects and Shelah's singular compactness theorem (with J. Rosicky)
  Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra vol.220 (2016), pp.1813-1836

Abstract elementary classes and accessible categories (with J. Rosicky)
  Annals of Pure and Applied Logic vol.163 (2012), pp.2008-2017

Topological invariance of the combinatorial Euler characteristic of o-minimal sets
  Homology, Homotopy and Applications vol.13 (2011), pp.165-174

Zeta functions of equivalence relations over finite fields
  Finite Fields and Their Applications vol.17 (2011), pp.68-80

Categorification, term rewriting and the Knuth--Bendix procedure
  Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra vol.215 (2011), pp.728-740

Fibrations of simplicial sets
  Applied Categorical Structures vol.18 (2010), pp.505-516

Isoperimetric inequalities and the Friedlander-Milnor conjecture
  Crelle's Journal vol.587 (2005), pp.27-47

Higher Cech theory
  K-Theory vol.32 (2004), no.4, pp.293-322

Simplicial torsors
  Theory and Applications of Categories vol.9 (2001), no.3, pp.43-60

Theories of presheaf type
  Journal of Symbolic Logic vol.69 (2004), no.3, pp.923-934

When is flatness coherent? (with Karazeris and Rosicky)
  Communications in Algebra vol.33 (2005), no.6, pp.1903-1912

Sheafifiable homotopy model categories
  Math. Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc. vol.129 (2000), no.3, pp.447-475

Sheafifiable homotopy model categories, Part II
  Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra vol.164 (2001), no.3, pp.307-324

Operads from the viewpoint of categorical algebra
  in: Higher homotopy structures in topology and mathematical physics, pp.29-47. Contemp. Math. 227, American Mathematical Society, 1999

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