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List.0.1Instructor Contributions

We would like to acknowledge the following instructors for their helpful comments and suggestions.

  • Tibor Beke, UMass Lowell

  • Alex DeCourcy, UMass Lowell

  • Vince DiChiacchio

  • Dan Klain, UMass Lowell

  • Sitansu Mittra, UMass Lowell

  • Ravi Montenegro, UMass Lowell

  • Tony Penta, UMass Lowell

  • Jim Propp, UMass Lowell

I'd like to particularly single out Jim Propp for his close scrutiny, along with that of his students, who are listed below.

I would like to thank Rob Beezer, David Farmer, Karl-Dieter Crisman and other participants on the mathbook-xml-support group for their guidance and work on MathBook XML. Thanks to the Pedagogy Subcommittee of the UMass Lowell Transformational Education Committee for their financial assistance in helping getting this project started.

List.0.2Student Contributions

Many students have provided feedback and pointed out typos in several editions of this book. They are listed below. Students with no affiliation listed are from UMass Lowell.

  • Anju Balaji

  • Carlos Barrientos

  • Chris Berns

  • Raymond Berger, Eckerd College

  • Brianne Bindas

  • Nicholas Bishop

  • Nathan Blood

  • Cameron Bolduc

  • Sam Bouchard

  • Rachel Bryan

  • Rebecca Campbelli

  • Rachel Chaiser, U. of Puget Sound

  • Sam Chambers

  • Hannah Chiodo

  • David Connolly

  • Sean Cummings

  • Alex DeCourcy

  • Ryan Delosh

  • Hillari Denny

  • Josh Everett

  • Anthony Gaeta

  • Holly Goodreau

  • Kevin Holmes

  • Michael Ingemi

  • Jeremy Joubert

  • William Jozefczyk

  • Leant Seu Kim

  • John Kuczynski

  • Kendra Lansing

  • Matt LeBlanc

  • Ariel Leva

  • Laura Lucaciu

  • Andrew Magee

  • Adam Melle

  • Nick McArdle

  • Conor McNierney

  • Max Mints

  • Timothy Miskell

  • Mike Morley

  • Logan Nadeau

  • Hung Nguyen

  • Harsh Patel

  • Paola Pevzner

  • Samantha Poirier

  • Ian Roberts

  • John Raisbeck

  • Derek Ross

  • Jacob Rothmel

  • Zach Rush

  • Chita Sano

  • Mason Sirois

  • Doug Salvati

  • Sana Shaikh

  • Joanel Vasquez

  • Anh Vo

  • Steve Werren

  • Several students at Luzurne County Community College (PA)