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  • Duality and evolving set bounds on mixing times.
    This survey is an in-depth development of the theoretical aspects of the method of Evolving Sets, a method which has been used in several of my papers. It is fairly esoteric as to a large degree it stems from my efforts to ascertain whether Evolving sets is provably stronger than other isoperimetric methods (answer: yes, with qualifications). For an introduction to the method please see Chapter 4 of my book with Prasad Tetali (PDF available above) or the paper of Morris and Peres.

  • Math 8843 - Convergence of Markov Chains.
    These are notes for a graduate course on Convergence of Markov chains I taught in Fall 2004 at Georgia Tech. The previous term Dana Randall taught a related undergraduate course, so in this class we focused on theory and advanced methods. Lectures 8-21 covers material on Log-Sobolev, Nash Inequalities, and Evolving Sets; this is better learnt from my book with Prasad Tetali (PDF available above) in which we develop more elegant arguments than what was available at the time of this course.

  • My Ph.D. Dissertation.
    Most of the material in here appears in my published research, but Chapter 3 details a discrete version of Blocking Conductance which is not published elsewhere.

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